Portland, OR

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Get to Know Us


Owner & Yoga Teacher

Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Michelle. I am a full time army wife and mom with a yoga business side hustle. For me, yoga started out as my "me time." It was an opportunity to take off all the various hats I wear and focus solely on myself. It wasn’t long before my selfish love for yoga cultivated a desire to share my passion and creativity, so I became a certified instructor. 

As a teacher, I aim to use simple and direct language and keep my teaching style playful and authentic. I take pride in my classes being uniquely sequenced to include inversions, flow, and static stretches; all of which will accommodate the beginner, but also challenge the more practiced yogi. My hope is for you to feel comfortable, confident, and have fun. But most of all, I encourage you to laugh and let go.

Ashtanga Yoga Alliance Certified (200 hr.); All Yoga Thailand, 2015
Inversion Course (6 hr.); 2015/2016
Standup Paddle Yoga Course (25 hr); Yoga To You, 2017


Yoga Teacher

I am a yoga teacher originally from the Detroit, MI area that offers alignment-based, accessible yet challenging vinyasa classes. I consider myself a forever student and continue to further my training through immersions and individual study. When I am not teaching yoga, I'm working as a registered dietitian to smash diet culture and encourage clients to develop sustainable healthy habits. I hope for students to leave my class feeling empowered in their own bodies and minds.

Yoga Alliance (200 hr. RYT); Citizen Yoga, MI

Bhaktishop, Prenatal Teacher Training (85 hr.) 

Michigan State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics


Yoga Teacher

I believe that yoga is broad and powerful enough for everyone to find a useful practice for their body and mind. My favorite styles of yoga are dynamic vinyasa and gentle yin yoga, which together help me build a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. My teaching style is about integration: embracing our whole selves, connecting mind and body through breath awareness, finding joy and discovery in movement, and experiencing each moment deeply through mindfulness. My classes offer a well-rounded practice, including seated and standing poses, guided meditation, and deep relaxation. Breathe, move, and smile as you get to know yourself and your body better and embrace your true capacity for growth!

Vinyasa Yoga Alliance Certified (200 hr.); Dina Lang with Santosha Yoga, 2016