Michelle Stuebben Yoga With A Twyst

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Michelle. While my full time occupation is army wife and mom of three, my passion is intuitive healing through yoga and reiki.  


Although energy healing has been used in various forms for centuries, the popularity of reiki is beginning to grow throughout the United States. Reiki and the opportunity to get certified to provide treatment fell in my lap amidst the chaos of the current pandemic. Call it divine timing, if you will, as there are no coincidences. Reiki has given me the modality to bring a sense of peace and healing to the community during a period many would describe as the most challenging time of their life. 


I believe each student has something different to be gained from class to class so I branded Yoga With A Twyst to create a space and practice for students to explore yoga for themselves. I want my classes to be a place to leave all your extra baggage at the door and focus on yourself - in the moment. Breathing. Moving. Laughing. Challenging yourself. Taking whatever you need. that. day.

As a teacher with extensive experience teaching several styles of yoga, with crowds of all ages, abilities, and body types, I aim to use simple and direct language making myself easy to understand. I always keep my teaching style playful and authentic. I take pride in my classes being uniquely sequenced to include inversions, flow, and static stretches; all of which will accommodate the beginner, but also challenge the more practiced yogi. 


Ashtanga Yoga Alliance Certified (200 hr.); All Yoga Thailand, 2015
Inversion Training Course (6 hr.); 2015/2016
Standup Paddle Yoga Certified (25 hr); Yoga To You, 2017

Yoga Anatomy Training Course (20 hr.); Yoga International, 2020

Level II Reiki Certified (6 hr);

Master Reiki Trainer Niki Robinson, 2020