FAQ: SUP Yoga? Yoga on a paddle board?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

"Yoga? On a paddle board?"I know. I hear it all the time and I know it's exactly what you are thinking... Along with some other lines I hear on the reg, "I can't even balance on land!" and "I'd be in the water the whole time" and lastly, "I'm way too uncoordinated for that." So, I made a list of FAQ just for you skeptics out there!

Do I have to have paddling experience to do a SUP yoga class?

-Nope! While having previously paddled (kayak, canoe, SUP, etc.) would be advantageous, it's not necessary. The anchor line is never a far distance. Additionally, you don't have to stand on your board. Kneeling or sitting cross legged is actually how I typically paddle out to class. And I am there to help you if need be!

How do we prevent floating out to sea?

-Ha! Not to worry. There is an anchor line with carabiners that attach to the tail end of each board keeping everyone in place.

What if I've never done yoga before?

-No problem! While yoga on a paddle board is still yoga, it is very different. Most, if not all, poses are modified. I am extremely mindful about giving very specific and detailed instruction and verbal cues to help you keep weight evenly distrubted and ultimately, keep you dry!

Do I have to have my own SUP board?

-You don't! I have board rental options every class. All you have to do is show up.

Can I bring my own SUP board?

-Absolutely! But the board you use does make a difference. I have carefully selected boards to use in my classes based off of their size and bouyancy to help you feel as stable as possible. Boards under 10'6 and on the narrow side will be less stable. That being said, that's totally fine! Some of us like a challenge!

Are SUP yoga classes kid friendly?

-Yes and no. Speaking from the mom in me, this kind of event is probably best for 14 years and older. Maybe a mature and active 12+.

What if I fall off my board during class?

-Easy. Jump back on! Okay, maybe "climb" is a better word. Again, I'm always there to help if need be.

Do I have to live in Kaneohe or on Oahu to participate in your SUP yoga classes?

-Of course not! Visitors and tourists are always welcome. What better way to experience the island AND THAT VIEW than from your board off the coast? Trust me.

Can men do SUP yoga?

-Yes!! All are welcome!

I'm pregnant. Can I still attend a SUP yoga class?

-I would recommend joining only if your doctor has appoved the activity and you are confident in your abilities.

What clothing attire is recommended for SUP yoga?

-That is a tricky one as it is personal preference. Some people wear swimwear. Some poeple wear yoga clothing, ie. leggings or spandex shorts and tank top or sports bra. All work fine!

Can non-swimmers do SUP yoga?

-Participants are welcome to bring and wear a lifevest. Additonally, most classes are held in about four to five foot of water. Definetely inquire about whichever location you intend to sign-up. I am also CPR certified with training in lifesaving techniques on paddle boards.

Have a question not listed above? Send over an email and I'll be happy to help answer any of your questions or concerns.

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