New Boards for ALL SUP Yoga Classes

Santa came early! Woo hoo! Starting now, all Yoga With A Twyst SUP Yoga classes will include a board. I will continue to honor the BYOB (bring your own board) option with a $10 discount using the code: BYOB. However, I (as well as two students who came with inflatables yesterday and swapped them out for a rental) recommend using the brand new rental boards as they are designed and sized perfectly for yoga... Big, light, stable, and buoyant. You'll find you can maneuver around your board in and out of down dog, plank and side lunge poses (to name a few) with ease and less resistance from your board. While a little dip in the water can be refreshing, we want it to happen on our own terms, am I right?

So, come on out and breathe, bend, stretch, balance, flow, paddle and splash!

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