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Michelle’s healing power was evident during our reiki session but the really powerful element of her services was the care she took in checking in on me several times after our session. She explained that reiki can sometimes release long term hurt and negative energy and the process can be emotional. She was caring and reassuring every step of the way. I am healing and processing years of neglect and becoming a more whole person with Michelle’s help.

Olivia St Clair

I had never tried yoga before, but Michelle has forever changed they way I see, feel and think about it. She's made me feel comfortable as a beginner, and encourages me everytime! Whether you're a beginner or experienced, this lady is amazing.

Bethany Himes

Love Michelle's training style. Always feel great afterwards and can tell I got a workout the next morning.  Like that she introduces new poses and helps me improve each class!

Nick Mills

It’s the best yoga class I’ve gone to because I haven’t felt self conscious about my skill level. Michelle does a great job of adjusting the poses to help us “non-bendy” people get the benefits of each movement which’s helps me out because I use it as my recovery.

Dinner Kayhan

Michelle is a really great instructor, easy going, yet challenging poses. Yoga that is just enough work out, balance and relaxation.

Lisa Romary

I will admit that I was yoga adverse. I took Michelle's class on the advice of a friend (and a little arm twisting from my physical therapist). I took Michelle's class and was instantly put at ease. She created a safe place for me to explore yoga without embarrassment or judgement.
Now I'm hooked (AND as a bonus, I can touch my toes!) 

Kelly Jackson

Michelle is an easy to follow and understand instructor. She can accommodate a beginner and challenge the more advanced. She is real and playful and has kept me interested in coming back every session. Highly recommend!

Sasha DeSilva

Absolutely hands down the best! It’s real yoga for a real girl. All the stretchies and all the fun!!

Beckie Crocker

Michelle makes yoga fun, relaxing and effective even for a middle aged athlete wanna-be that's as immobile as a stick! She rocks!

Fred Peterson

Michelle is the ultimate yoga instructor for all the regular people out there! She knows exactly how to engage everyone from beginners to advanced so that everyone has a great experience and feels comfortable.

Colleen Cushing

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